Ancient Golem
Ancient Golem.png
Location Gaian's Cradle, Aldwynn
Drops Unknown
Health Points Hope
Health Unknown Hope Unknown
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The Ancient Golem is an enemy in Death's Gambit.


Found at the Gaian's Cradle and Aldwynn. He is often seen with the Hallowed Knights of Anguis.


The Ancient Golems are ancient stone creatures, whos armor has vines already grown into it. From his Helmet glows a golden light, aswell a red object is located at the center of his torso. The Tall Golems weapons are compared to his whole body "small", yet can deal massiv damage to the target. Despite also having a shield, he is rarely using it, as he already has alot of defense.

Although having a rigid body the Golem is able to move, yet only in a very stiff way and attackin', with his equipment, in the same kind of fashion.


Using the shield is essential fighting against this rigid Creature. Vicinity should be kept to a minimun fighting against him, as he will swing his Sword towards the approaching Enemy. If the ancient Wretch is "charging" towards the player, roll out and also keep reach.

It is recommended to use heavy Weapons with enough range for the fight, weapons like Halberds and Greatswords are especially advised to use.

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