Hallowed Knights of Anguis

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Hallowed Knights of Anguis
Location Gaian's Cradle, Aldwynn
Drops Unkown
Health Points Hope
Health Varies Hope Unknown
""The Hallowed Knights of Anguis are dommed to guard the abandoned city for all eternity""

The Hallowed Knights of Anguis are a group of enemies in Death's Gambit.

Location[edit | edit source]

Located at the Gaian's Cradle and at Aldwynn, The Knights of Anguis can be found in multiple areas, as they serve as a common Enemy.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Knights are doomed to guard the abandoned city, that being Aldwynn. Although being a group of knights, The Hallowed Knights come in 5 variations, each with their weaknesses and strengths. Some may just be armed with a crossbow, others only with an explosive barrel.

The List contains all the Knight's from left to right.

Shielded and equipped with a Halberd, the Knight can fend off bows and deal lethal strikes to the Player. Upon using the Ability Shield Break makes the Knight highly vulnerable.

Due to the Fact that he doesn't have any defense, players should be able to defeat the Enemy without any problems. However, it has to be noted that if the Knights attacks, he'll dash towards the Player and deal a huge amount of damage. This fortunately can be dodge by simply dodging away from the Approaching Enemy.

Armed with a crossbow, the Third Knight represents the Back-line and can deal damage towards players from a distance. By using the Shield and Dodge mechanic properly, players are able to infiltrate the previously mentioned Back-line and defeat them. It is recommended to also use range weapons as a way of damaging the Knight.

The Fourth Knight is always seen with a barrel held on his back. The only usage of the Knight is to attack the explosive Barrel inorder to deal an Area of Effect damage.

Compared to the other Knights, he is much higher thread and can be unpredictable, as he "teleports" his way towards the Player. Just with patience he can be killed quickly. Known to be the Most dangerous of all of them, the unpredictable Knight is a much higher thread as he constantly "teleports" his way towards the Player. Patience is needed to kill this notourious Knight.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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