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Obsidian Plateau
Inhabitant(s) Amarogs
Item(s) Unknown
Immortal(s) Gaian, Tundra Lord Kaern

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Obsidian Plateau is a location in Death's Gambit.


The Obsidian Plateau is an icy area located near mountains. It is also a complex area that forces players to pay extra attention to their surroundings. Every corner is filled with secret caves. Amarogs have decorated Obsidian Plateau with many emblems and ornamentations of their tribe. Players are bound to encounter many hostile creatures that differ in power and tactics - from simple spiders to Amarog warriors and shamans. Considering the vertical design of Obsidian Plateau, players will be forced to use the grappling hook and the ability to climb to make their way through this area. At the end of this area players will be fighting an Immortal - the Gaian.





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